A Business Program For Spiritual Entrepreneurs


WARNING: If you keep reading, you may sign up for a program that will completely change your life.

A Business Program For Spiritual Entrepreneurs


WARNING: If you keep reading, you may sign up for a program that will completely change your life.

Do you want to lead with purpose? To live with clarity, consistency, confidence, and calm?


If you answered yes, keep reading.


When a business coach and a hypnotherapist join forces to create a program for entrepreneurs, full and REAL life transformation happens.


Join Business Coach Lisa van Reeuwyk and Clinical Hypnotherapist Erin Johnstone to dig even deeper into manifesting your dreams through understanding the mind, the law of attraction, goal setting, visualization, auto-suggestion, and hypnotherapy.


This progressive program will transform habits and beliefs that will lead you to achieve the highest performance you've ever had.


Are you ready to make more money and have more fun?


With this 6-week program, you will learn new ways of living, thinking, and being as you live and work ON purpose. Using coaching and hypnosis, you will lead and live a purpose-driven life. Now is your time to live with clarity, vision, confidence, and empowerment.


By signing up you will be able to:

Identify how limiting beliefs are holding you back from success in your work, and move beyond them once and for all.

Create new systems, strategies, and structure to move from frustration to abundance.

Set new goals with purpose, accountability, and alignment!


In your coaching session with Business Coach Lisa van Reeuwyk, you will identify core limiting beliefs and create strategies for working and living ON purpose, all while cultivating your deepest desires and dreams for your life.


Erin will use hypnotherapy and visualization to replace those limiting habits and beliefs that have been holding you back and form new and great changes in your behaviours.

The Sessions:


1 x 90-minute Strategy Session with Lisa

1 x 90-minute Hypnotherapy Session with Erin

2 x 60-minute Coaching Sessions with Lisa

2 x 60-minute Hypnotherapy Sessions with Erin

Your first session will be with Lisa, then alternate between them each week for 6 weeks.

When? Next starting dates are:


Monday, June 14 @ 1pm
Monday, June 21 @ 1pm

Monday, June 28 @ 1pm

Monday, July 5 @ 1pm

Monday, July 12 @ 1pm

Monday, July 19 @ 1pm


There are four spots available only, first come first serve.




Tuesday, June 15 @ 11am
Tuesday, June 22 @ 11am

Tuesday, June 29 @ 11am

Tuesday, July 6 @ 11am

Tuesday, July 13 @ 11am

Tuesday, July 20 @ 11am


There are four spots available only, first come first serve.



Online! These sessions will be conducted in Zoom.

How Much?




PAID Upfront - Non-refundable



Sign up today and you’ll receive these bonus items:


- A Three Month Digital Planner designed by Lisa for her private coaching clients


- An audio recording of one of Erin’s life-transforming hypnotisms to start your journey NOW


- A 90-minute recording of the Masterclass


We want to help people with bigger dreams who are struggling with all of the change and crave transformation and growth.


Don’t look back and wish you’d already started. Now is your time!


"I reached out to Lisa because I was having a hard time focusing my energy as my kids needed my time less and less. I was feeling overwhelmed with options and at the same time stuck in patterns that no longer served me with my role at home changing.

While working with Lisa I am creating focus and in that have re ignited passions for my own goals. I am reminding myself who I want to be and practising showing up as her authentically, in all my circles.

The favourite thing I have learned is using my “living on purpose” sheets. They keep my focus on things that mean the most to me and don’t let ideas, connections, goals get lost in the business of life.

I think it is unique to find someone with such a strong business background who sees a new way of leading and running a business that is heart centered. If you want to “live a life that lights you up” invest in Lisa, to invest in yourself. You will serve larger, more authentically and the world will be better."

Dr. Angela Macdonald - Chiropractor
Partners in Health

"Erin has helped me on several different levels that my subconscious tends to block. Food cravings, confidence, healing and more.  I am sincerely grateful for the work she has helped me with. Much love and gratitude."


Laurie Hunter

"Since working with Lisa I have been rocketed into a new level of creativity, self-confidence, courage and vitality. And naturally, because that’s happening for me, it’s rippling out into my business, my connections, and my offerings. I won’t say its been easy, but good things sometimes take big risks and hard work. It’s been a very steep learning curve yes, but I have had Lisa by my side the whole way. I am excited to be bringing some of my work online which has enabled me to stay in touch with international clients, and keep community strong.

The most impactful thing I’ve learned is the importance of having a great team. I no longer feel isolated and am surrounded by a highly skilled and creative support team."


Angela Prider, Little Bird
Westcoast Shamanic Services

"I started seeing Erin due to a sleep disorder I’ve lived with almost my entire life. I rarely slept without some kind of pharmaceutical assistance and even then, my sleep was terrible quality and length most nights. The biggest trigger for me to lose sleep was anxiety and, during the COVID-19 crisis my anxiety has gone into a tailspin. Erin’s hypnotherapy has been a lifesaver during this time. Within minutes of her session starting I find myself in a deep state of hypnosis and, when I go to sleep after I sleep easier and deeper than I ever manage to without her help. To add to how amazing she is, she also provided me with a recording for my kids to listen to during this time if they start to get anxious or worried about what it going on. In the future I plan on working with Erin even more to help me with many other issues as the way she can help people is limitless!"


Christy Lynne Mede



Lisa van Reeuwyk

Since 2009, business owners & professionals have been hiring Certified Life & Executive Coach, Lisa van Reeuwyk to bring clarity, consistency & ignite killer cash flow in their business, as they make more money and have more fun.  Known for pulling a quote out of thin air in any situation, Lisa’s superpowers include extracting & show casing your brand’s secret ingredients, encouraging you into your greatness and expanding people’s mindset to encompass their true desires for what is possible.

Lisa is also a speaker and workshop facilitator, runs a high performance Mastermind group for female business owners, leads online group coaching business bootcamps for start ups and sees clients privately for 121 coaching.



Erin Johnstone

Erin is a professional clinical hypnotherapist and a transformational speaker. Educated in 2014, she earned Hypnotist, Master Hypnotist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist certifications.

She has additional certifications in HypnoDontics – “Hypnosis for Dentistry” and she is a HypnoBirthing-The Mongan Method Child Birth Educator and Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner. She is a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA).